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Cattery's World


"Abbarides" Persians&Sphynx

"Aluna" Exotics&British

"Amenity" Persians

"Baby Best Cat" Persians

"Bafini" Persians

"Bartel's" Exotics

"Bella Mia" Exotics

"Catilisa" Persian&Exotics

"Chaitanya´s" Persians

"Chatjolie" Persians

"Civitas Deorum" Persians

"Demetama's" Persian

"Dewills" Exotics&Persians

"Emigrant" Persians

"Exotiques Amour" Exotics&Persians

"Falco D'oro" Persians&Exotics

"Fralemar" Persians

"Fumocats" Persians

"Graffio" Persians&Exotics

"Hanylou" Persians&Exotics

"Heartbreaker" Exotics

"Henajuetras" Persian&Exotics

"Hugostar" Exotics

"Jaguarundi*pl" Persians&Exotics

"Jerba Nicol" Exotics&Persians

"Katy Kaye" Persians

"Kermanchar" Exotics

"Kosmiko's" Persians&Exotics

"Lovely Moon" Exotics&Persians

"LTD.Choice" Persians&Exotics

"Magic Planet" Persians

"Magic Sunrise" Exotics

"Maragia" Persians&Exotics

"Mieux" Exotics

"Miramacats" Persians

"Miro" Persians

"Monarch" Persians

"Monarcha" Persians

"Naltel" Exotics

"Patlen" Persians

"Planet Love" Persians&Exotics

"Proventus" Persians&Exotics

"Purrdreamz" Persians

"Rafmonnia" Persians

"Rashid*PL" Persians&Exotics

"R' Mes" Persians

"Salineras" Persians

"San-Fe" Exotics

"Schibboleth" British

"Scirocco" Exotic

"Selcia*PL" Persians

"Shaparack" Persians&Exotics

"S*Loveline´s" Persians&Exotics

"Starbabies" Persians

"Svajone" Exotics

"Tassorosso" Persians&Exotics

"Terra-Alta's" Persians

"Tuaron" Exotics

"Valmori's" Persians

"Winnetou" Persians&Exotics

"Wintershove" Persians&Exotics

"Yanina" Persians&Exotics

"z Tazu*CZ" Persians&Exotics



Cattery's Russia


"Adorablecat" Exotics&Persians

"Amfion" Exotic

"Belle Fleur" Exotics

"Blessingcat" Persians&Exotic

"Capriz-Tati" Persians&Exotics

"Chulpan" Exotics

"C-Matrix" Exotics

"Demi Moore" Exotics&British

"Elige" Persians&Exotics

"Fairy-Tale" Persians

"Golden Elf" Devonrex

"Huntor" Exotics

"Jem-Dendy" Persians&Exotics

"Kamelfly" Persians

"Kotars" Exotics

"Latlorien" Exotics

"LDStyle" Exotics

"Leonmoor" Exotics

"Lyukorn" Persians&Exotics

"Malinka" Persians&Exotics

"Muffin" Persians&Exotics

"NashiKoshki" Persians

"Oduvanchyk" Exotics

"Polar Bear" Persians&Exotics

"Pridestar" Persians&Exotics

"Rejsi" Persians

"Rogneda" Persian&Exotics

"Ruslana" Persians&Exotics

"Sazaterra" Persians&Exotics

"Simmur" Exotics

"Single" Persians&Exotics

"Snowball" Persians

"Soft Kiss" Persians

"Sweet Angel" Persians&Exotics

"Sweet Luck" Persians&Exotics

"Sybarit" Exotics

"Toy Tricksy" Persians&Exotics

"Vitas Little" Persians&Exotics

"Warm Silver" Persians Chinchilla









CFA в России Интернациональная дивизия


Pet logistics - перевозка животных