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International Champion (WCF)

Single Tet-a-Tet of Black Pearl


 Cristmas Show Cats Chelyabinsk  January 7, 2007

1 & Best Exotic!


International Cat Show WCF  Chelyabinsk 24-25 March, 2007

Judges: Massimo Picardello (WCF) Italia
Olga Abramova (WCF) Russia

Best of Best - 4th !!!  Best of LH!!!


mono breeder show exotics & persians cats

1 & Best Cat!




Single Tet-a-Tet of Black Pearls

Brown Tabby- White Exotic SH

Breeder: Anastasia Naumova           Owner: Olga Khalikova



s- CH Sugarspun Love At First Sight

Brown Tabby- White Persian

s- GC Noblessa's Navigator of Sugarspun, DM

Black White Persian

s- GC,RW Bolo's Bombs Away of Noblessa

Red Tabby- White Persian

s- Softmagic Big John of Bolo, DM

Red White Persian


d- GC Bolo's Fruit O'The Loom, DM

Tortoiseshell Persian

d- CH Bolo's Tiara of Noblessa

Black White Persian

s- GC Rubyrose Lightning Bolt of Bolo

 Black White Persian


d- Marhei June Bug of Bolo, DM

Tortoiseshell Persian

d- GC Bocasana's Backyard Baby, DM

Van Blue Tabby- White Persian

s- GC Vickits Diamante of Bocasana

Van Blue White Persian

s- GC Vickits Mirage

 Cream-White Persian


 d- CH Jonala's Blue Angel of Vickits, DM

Blue White Persian

d- Bocassana's Vanessa

Van Blue Tabby- White Persian

s- GC Pajen's Bayou Bandit

 Black White Persian


d- Dearborn On My Mind of Bocasana

Blue Tabby-White Persian

d- Dali Look Butterfly of Single

Brown Ptch Tabby Exotic SH

s- CH Vita-Nova's Lucky Luc of El-Silver

BlueTabby Exotic SH

s- CH Vita-Nova's Silver Tigriss

Silver Mac Tabby Exotic SH

s- GC Patina Charlie Chan of Vita-Nova

Copper-Eyed White Exotic SH


d- CH Kikicat Choir Girl of Cruzin-Cats

Silver Tabby Exotic SH

d- CH Becton's Last Desert Dance

Black Exotic SH

s- GC Del Adene J'Bustopher Brown, DM

Brown Tabby Exotic SH


d- GC Becton's Desert Daze, DM

Tortoiseshell Exotic SH

d- Perry

Calico Persian

s- CH Belgatto's Spanky

Brown Mac Tabby-White Persian

s- Memry Daddy Big Bucks of Belgatto

Red Tabby- White Persian


d- CH Belgatto's Tesoreria of Gardenglow

Brown Tabby-White Persian

d- Elena Dandy Grultans

s- Golden State Moon Dandelion

Cream Persian


d- Filana Houp Grultans




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